INNOVATIVE MEDTECH REGULATORY SOFTWARE COMPANIES TEAM UP. Right Submission and RIMSYS collaborate on new content series for the medical device industry.

RIMSYS LLC and Right Submission LLC, leading medical device regulatory software solution providers, have teamed up to release a regulatory insight content series catered specifically to the medical device industry. Combining decades of regulatory expertise and behind-the-scenes knowledge, this new partnership will provide unparalleled value to its current and future customer base which includes thousands of regulatory affairs professionals.
The medical device industry is rapidly evolving, and regulatory affairs professionals need to adapt to changing regulations to ensure compliance and increase efficiency. RIMSYS LLC and Right Submission LLC have created innovative and disruptive software solutions specifically catered to the medical device industry.

“We are extremely excited by this opportunity. This partnership signifies a shift in the current thinking of how medical device companies need to manage their regulatory information, from worldwide submissions, country entrance requirements, and proactively monitoring the regulatory landscape,” said James Gianoutsos, Founder & President of RIMSYS LLC.

RIMSYS LLC and Right Submission LLC complement each other perfectly. Each software solution provides immediate value to its users and both companies are dedicated to increasing regulatory efficiency and compliance throughout the medical device industry.

“We see vast potential for improving the quality and reducing the cost of medical device regulatory operations – bringing life changing technologies to patients faster and allowing our clients to win in the market. It is a powerful collaboration to work with RIMSYS, who like Right Submission, is focused on supporting medical device regulatory professionals with highly impactful software solutions,” said Marek Herrmann-Nowosielski, Co-founder & CEO of Right Submission LLC.

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