Right Submission's CER Platform

Right Submission’s CER platform is a SaaS-based tool that creates high quality Clinical Evaluation Reports for medical device companies marketing in Europe in a guided process reducing resource requirements, cost and time to submission.





Our software is pursuant to the MEDDEV 2.7/1 Rev 4 guidelines. It automatically applies technical and style standards, page numbering and hyperlinking your report for you. Global tokens allow changes to be made automatically across the entire submission. Your resources will be focused appropriately.



Easily duplicate and update your report annually with an integrated PubMed search that manages your references automatically. Your report will be created faster and better.



The platform allows your team to collaborate effectively. Everyone has access to all the material assigned to them. Contributor, reviewer and approver roles are assigned. The software is cloud based and all work product is accessible from anywhere with internet access from our secure server to authorized users. The database contains version history and allows rollback. Previous work can be reused. Your team will work seamlessly and effectively. 



Our software reports your progress allowing effective project management and reporting to stakeholders. Your stakeholders will be informed and you can course correct earlier.